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Lake Trout Fishing on Eagle Lake

Lake trout have been thriving in Eagle Lake for thousands of years. The population is well established, but considerably smaller in size than pike and walleye. But anglers who know what to do and where to do it have been catching them for generations.

The lake trout in Eagle have seasonal movements which find them scattered from the West Arm to areas much further east during the winter and into the spring. We have had great success fishing within site of camp on many occasions early in the season. As the water warms the trout need to be targeted in the trout holes in the western portion of Eagle Lake. The West Arm has a few very deep areas with ultra clear water. Trout Holes 1 & 2 are located in the West Arm, about a 10 mile boat ride (half hour) from Vermilion Bay Lodge. This is where most lakers are going to be caught from the middle of June through September.

Lake trout on Eagle average in the 4-8 pound range with individuals over 20 pounds being caught each year. They are great fighters, especially when caught on medium-power tackle. Jigging and trolling are the methods that produce best for our guests that actively pursue lake trout.

An exciting addition to the Eagle Lake trout fishing is the opportunity to access Delano Lake (Clearwater) by half mile portage trail where we keep two boats & motors for exclusive use by VBL guests. This is a numbers lake for trout where the average size is 24-26 inches. Very tasty eaters and plenty of them! A bonus on this lake is the outstanding beauty of rock cliffs and interesting Indian rock paintings (pictographs).

Check out our Simple Methods for Catching Lake Trout for a detailed description that will help you catch these beautiful fish.

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